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Just as so many other aspects of your life have evolved in the 21st century to make your life better and more comfortable, so has superior, affordable health care. At Primary and Urgent Care Centers we offer you and your loved ones high quality, compassionate health care from our friendly, experienced staff utilizing the latest medical technologies available including onsite state-of-the-art digital x-ray services.

Remember how much you used to dislike going to the emergency room? They were so often cold, antiseptic places where you often had to wait for hours to be seen by anyone.

Now cold, unfriendly waiting rooms and interminable wait times to be seen are a nightmare of the past! Come to a Primary and Urgent Care Center and step into the new age of health care, where you will feel welcome while also knowing you will be seen by a knowledgeable medical professional IN LESS THAN 15 MINUTES.


Trusted and Loved by our Community

“I was at the airport, trying to keep the children from running off in all directions. I injured my ankle and was then unable to walk properly.”A mother returning from a holiday with her children injured her ankle at the airport. Upon examination, it became obvious that she had ruptured her Achilles tendon. Her ankle was immobilized in Plaster of Paris and she was referred to a foot and ankle specialist at The Princess Grace Hospital for follow-up."

This is what health care should be like in the 21st century – and this is how you will feel when you come to a Primary and Urgent Care Center. Our urgent care doctors, nurses, and physician assistants are dedicated to providing you with fast, effective primary, general or pediatric urgent care services. Our responsive medical staff offers treatment for many common ailments including the flu, common cold, allergies and more, in addition to immunizations, lab services, occupational health, X-rays and other related services.

Visit one of our conveniently located medical primary and urgent care centers near you in Palm Beach County, Florida from monday through friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. and you will be delighted to find the perfect family medical care center for all your primary and urgent care needs.


Urgent Care

Primary and Urgent Care Centers provide local and personal care for a variety of general health-care needs.

Short Wait Times

Nobody likes sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, not knowing when you’ll be called, so we don’t make you wait. Our system allows people to be seen quickly so you’ll start feeling better sooner.

Most Insurance Accepted

Our co-pays are less than hospital emergency room fees and we will work with you to process your insurance.